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Choose for a sustainable cruising holiday through the Frisian countryside.

Noiseless, durable and electric,
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Sail without refuelling. Our boats have a range similar to diesel boats.


Luxury class interior.
Discover the possibilities on board.


Enjoy a unique boating holiday through the Frisian nature.

We proudly present our fleet: Luxury, silent and sustainable electric hausboats.

You do not need a license to rent our boats!

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The Frisian Eleven Cities

The eleven places in Friesland that obtained city rights. Find out more about the Frisian eleven's.

The Frisian Eleven Cities

Discover the Electric boating holiday through Friesland

Enjoy a unique cruising holiday through the Frisian nature.

Eleven cities cruising holidays Friesland gives you a luxurious and sustainable cruising holiday! Our mission is to offer you a new way of cruising, so you can relax on holiday. Of course we do this with the latest techniques. Environmental savings and safety are paramount!

To rent one of our boats you do not need a licence.

Never sailed before and you are going to rent a boat with us? That's not a problem. Elfsteden Vaarvakanties Friesland offers you sailing lessons.

  • No licence required
  • Easy to control
  • Luxurious and durable
  • Modern Interior
  • Child friendly and for any age
  • Enjoy the peace and the Frisian nature
  • Electric = Silent cruising
  • Unlimited cruising. Battery empty = start Silent generator
  • Cruising without refuelling
  • Environmentally friendly

We offer:

No license? That's not a problem with us!

Enjoy the peace and nature with our electric boats.

Interior from the luxury class, discover the luxury on board.

Sustainable and electric sailing, but what is electric sailing?

Our fleet is completely environmentally and CO2 neutral.

Freon fan Fossylfrij Fryslân! A sustainable future.

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