How does electric boating work?

Electric boating is healthier, more durable and quieter. But how does it actually work?

How does electric boating work?

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Before you leave, make sure that the batteries are almost fully charged, 90-100%. This can be done by generating the solar panels, charging at a charging station or automatically charging via the whisper-quiet generator. The electric sailing can be compared to a diesel or petrol boat. Of course, the big advantage is that you can sail quietly and cleanly!

How long can I sail electric?

When the batteries are full, the hirer can sail electrically for about 3 hours, without the use of tools. when the battery consumption is less than 50%, the fossil-free and whisper-quiet generator is automatically switched on to provide the boat with sufficient power. 
So you have the possibility of unlimited sailing.

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What's a whisper-quiet fossil-free generator?

The whisper-quiet fossil-free generator generates power for the batteries. The generator will supply the electricity as soon as it runs out. This way you don't have to look for loading bays and you can continue to enjoy your boating holiday without stress. 

Charging the generator is equal to the power consumption when sailing on eco mode. The only difference is that the generator uses fossil-free diesel. This gives you the possibility of unlimited sailing. In addition, fossil-free diesel is a lot cleaner than normal diesel!

Where can I find charging stations?

Loading bollards can be found in the marinas and quays of the municipality. You can pay for this at the mooring and spend the night. In the meantime, the boat is charging, so that you can enjoy electric sailing the next day. Mind you! Make sure that you have at least 10-16 Amps at your disposal in order to be able to load sufficiently.

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How long does it take for the boat to recharge?

Charging will take between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the onshore power supply. In the evening at the charging station and in the morning full batteries again.

What if we can't recharge overnight?

If you are not able to charge the boat, this is no problem. The fossil-free generator provides the boat with enough power so you can continue the next day.

How can I refill the whisper-quiet fossil-free generator?

There's no need for this. The fossil-free generator can supply the boat with electricity for 45 hours (approx. 200 KWh) with a full tank of 135 liters, this is normally not made up, provided you have booked a holiday of several weeks. In that case we will advise you where to refuel.

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Can I also start the generator manually?

If you manually turn on the generator directly (e.g. at 90%), you can sail much longer at a higher speed. In fact, the aim of electric sailing is to use as much green electricity as possible and as little diesel consumption as possible from the generator.

How fast does the boat go?

Speed at Eco stand 5.5 km (4.5 Kwh) per hour = 3 hours sailing without loading
Max. Speed 7.5 Km (12 Kwh) per hour = 1.5 hours sailing without loading

How fast can I sail?

On most canals you can sail up to 6 km per hour, which fits perfectly with electric sailing. On some larger lakes you can sail 9 to max. 12 km. 
By using the "boost button" you can temporarily sail faster, but this takes up a disproportionate amount of power.

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