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Sailing Holiday for 6 – 10 people

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  • Luxury and child friendly
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The Sneek EV1250 offers space for 6 to 10 people and is one of the larger electric boats in our fleet, therefore very suitable for groups.

The whisper-quiet electric Sneek EV1250 has a lot of sustainable luxury on board. All facilities are electrically controlled, because no propane gas is used, the safer sailing is ensured. The water is heated by a water heater and the super insulated walls, together with an air heating, provide a very comfortable temperature. Experience the peace, space and Frisian culture!

Engine Motor: Fischer Panda 20 Kw
FuelFuel for generator: Diesel
ConsumptionDiesel Tank: 150 L
WaterWater Tank: 400 L
Power supplyPower supply: Electricity
Shore SupplyShore Supply: 230 V 16/32 Ampere
Dirty water TankHolding tank: 240 L
Headroom2 meters
Bedlength2 meters
Dimensions12.50 x 3.25 meter (LXW)
Depth0.60 meters
Vertical Passage1.65 meters

The ship is full of CASCO insured.

The deductible is at the expense of the tenant.

The deposit is €600.00, which you can buy off for €40.00, so that the deposit €300.00.

The deposit is per damage case.

In case of damage free boating we reward you with a voucher of €50.00

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