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Sailing Holiday for 2 – 4 people

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Electric sailing with 2 to 4 people? This is possible with the Stavoren EV950! It is the smallest electric boats in our fleet, very suitable for family vacations.

Whisper quiet and electric boating with the Stavoren EV950 is a completely sustainable and green sailing holiday. All facilities are electrically controlled and because no propane gas is used, safer sailing is ensured. The water is heated by a water heater and the super insulated walls, together with an air heating, provide a very comfortable temperature.

Engine Motor: Fischer Panda 10 Kw
FuelFuel for generator: Diesel
ConsumptionDiesel Tank: 150 L
WaterWater Tank: 400 L
Power supplyPower supply: Electricity
Shore SupplyShore Supply: 230 V 16/32 Ampere
Dirty water TankHolding tank: 240 L
Headroom3 metres
Bedlength2 meters
Dimensions9.50 x 2.35 meter (LXW)
Depth0.60 meters
Vertical Passage1.65 meters

The ship is full of CASCO insured.

The deductible is at the expense of the tenant.

The deposit is €600.00, which you can buy off for €40.00, so that the deposit €300.00.

The deposit is per damage case.

In case of damage free boating we reward you with a voucher of €50.00.

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