How does electric boating work?

Electric boating is healthier, more durable and quieter. But how does it actually work?

How does electric boating work?

Partly boating the sun

Electric boating works very easily, you sail partly on energy from the Sun. We have free energy from the sun, 10,000 x as much as we really need. The energy is converted into electricity by, for example, solar panels on the boat or on roofs of houses or commercial premises. The current is collected in batteries and/or returned to the grid, via loading poles in marinas or in other places where these multifunctional charging poles are mounted, can be loaded.


Due to the limited surface area, relatively few solar panels can be placed on the rented boats, but it is possible to most enough power to operate the necessary operating equipment on board.

For sufficient energy and power for the electric motor, shore or possibly via the silent generator of Fischer Panda must be used. These two options provide the solar panels for a fossil free sailing holiday with a rented boat.

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Fossil Free Generator

How long does a battery last?

Also when sailing with an electric boat one has to take into account sufficient current in the batteries, with full batteries the tenant has about 3 hours unlimited electric boating. This depends very much on which battery pack is installed or is going to be. Rent a boat at eleven cities sailing holidays Friesland. These have the ability to be set up software so that a certain battery content is automatically replenished. So the whisper-quiet fossil-free generator is your security on board. Should you have the opportunity to do a charging pole, depending on the offer 6-32 ampere can be loaded. Once you connect the shore to the boat, it switches the generator off.

Eleven cities sailing holidays Friesland

Healthier, more durable and quieter

Actually, sailing on clean energy is much healthier, more durable and quieter than sailing with a diesel boat. We don't draw the earth out, but take a small part of what the Sun offers us.

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