About eleven cities sailing holidays Friesland

About eleven cities sailing holidays Friesland

We have a mission and that is worth it!

Eleven cities sailing holidays Friesland is a luxury and sustainable sailing holiday! Our mission is to offer you a new way of sailing, so you can relax on vacation. Of course we do this with the latest techniques. Environmental savings and safety are paramount!

Idea and Vision

Sustainable sailing holidays with an innovative thought, that is what eleven cities sailing holidays Friesland would like to radiate. The electric boats offered for rent have all the modern amenities on board. A lifestyle house boat with fixed berths, ample luggage rooms, ceramic hob, a combi-oven, coffee maker, complete kitchen inventory, TV with WiFi connection. Your own hotspot on board for no less than 8 connectors. Navigating with your phone, enjoying Spotify music through a USB connection. Everything on 230V connection just like at home.

Electric Boating – Almost all sailing motor and house boats are equipped with diesel engines. Based on a transition to the ' circular economy ' we want to completely renew our rental fleet with a new luxury outlook and modern techniques based on sustainable materials and energy. View the renewed sustainable boats

From old to new

  • The circular economy.
  • Energy-neutral sailing; Solar panels on a boat and home base reduce grey current on loading poles.
  • No CO2 emissions (carbon dioxide) saving approx. 60-70 tonnes per year.
  • No NOx emissions (nitrogen dioxide and particulate matter cause SMOG).
  • No fuel required; Sail for a few euros a day.

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